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We are one of the purveyors of the "New Americana" genre.


We are writers and performers of film music.

What is the New Americana? It is the blending of all the influences of modern America on what we write, who we are, how we live and what we play.


The New Americana genre is the only true music space that represents what America is actually about-today. Multi cultural, Multi racial, Multi generational and free of gender restrictions. It has roots in blues, funk, world music, progressive, hip hop, classical and rock. It is about social justice as much as it is about love songs. It is about protest and awareness as much as it is about nasty funky beats. It is contagiously danceable!


Writing music for the cinema allow us to take this rich musical heritage and combine it in ways that are unexpected and unique.

We grew up listening to Funkadelic, Marley, Stravinsky, Paxton, Dylan, NWA, Wynona, Slash, Beck and on and on and on....... We are the sum of their musical ideals.


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LordRifa represents America in our times. It steals from the past, plunders the future and documents our times.

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