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A Story of Greed

A reflection of our inner selves far from the truth-we act upon our lesser angels and join the gangs of disgrace.

SHITHOLE NATION is a story about a country, any country-OUR country- in the midst of a revolution, in the midst of gut wrenching, soul searching battle for an identity.

Who are we? What do we stand for? How have we gotten here? Do the icons of truth and honor, still hold up today? Brother against brother, mothers against daughters. Facts have become vague, truth becomes rare and bitter old hatreds have arrived. Much like the civil war of the 1800's, the belief that some are better than others, has come back to haunt us.

Maybe bury us....

. The only way to stop to BE THE REVOLUTION.

Cover Art by:

William Salit Design

Set to a world music percussion heavy groove, SHITHOLE NATION makes the revolution,... just a bit more danceable.

SHITHOLE NATION-A voice in the revolution.

Protest music has always been vital in American culture, generally living in but not limited to the (Americana) folk and hip hop genres. Guthrie, Dylan, NWA, But the corruption of the music business has eroded the political value of the genre. The corporate fascist machine does not allow protest unless it can make a buck off of it, and even then only under direct supervision.


We are taking Americana back. Back from the harmless and the pale. Back from the corporations and the money where freedom gets lost. We are invoking the spirits protest. We are invoking Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Code Pink taking their struggles in the streets and hearts of America singing their songs, their praises and their fears.

To borrow a phrase from the great Woody Guthrie…

This album kills fascists!

Sturm Und Drang-Video

    Radio Edits

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