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Transmogrification of the Goddess
                         Part II

Slouching Towards Bethlehem

This is the second part of the "Transmogrification of the Goddess " cycle. It tells the story of of Pagan, the General and Rashelum and what has occurred after the banishment of the Goddess.

This is Episode 1 of 4 .

The Players

Morgan Butler
Samantha Takizawa
Steve Levy
Valerie Barall
Marcus Rivers
Anna Bisharyan
Alexander Wheittlesey
Jessica Holland
Buddy Saleman

The Musicians

Steve Levy-Drums
Roberto Rios-Percussion
Kenneth Johnson-Keys
Sarah Rosenberg-Vox
Kiki Spaulding-Violin
Jordon Casares-Bass
Wayne Sherwood-Guitar
The Reverend LordRifa-Guitars, Cello, Vox,  Bass, Rifatronics

The Crew

Recorded at GetReel Productions-Robert Preston
Recorded and mixed at Potrero Post Studios-
Buddy Saleman, Samantha Takizawa.
Produced by the Reverend LordRifa
Executive producer for the City of Dis-Steve Levy

All music written by LordRifa. Published TinoidTunes 2023

All Rights Reserved, All Wrongs Reversed

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