The Reverend LordRifa-Solo

Blood Anarchy is a story of disease and loss.  It is a journey through the world of pain. Physical, emotional, mental and societal. We all have it. We all hate it. But we all bear it.

It's a spoken word/sung electronica album (Not EDM) except for the some of the vocals.

I realize this only matters to me, but being an old school electronica composer I have standards.

I am the Reverend LordRifa.

A composer

and producer with a penchant for the odd.

Some folks over the years have labeled what I do as avant-garde. Some have used the words certifiably insane. Billboard used the description innovative and annoying.

But that was years ago in a galaxy for away.

What I am offering you today are personal stories of the modern world reflected in the San Francisco fog.

I can be reached at:

City of Dis/Potrero Post Studios-

350 Townsend Street, Suite 136

San Francisco, Ca 94107


All music City of Dis/Tinoid Tunes