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The Reverend LordRifa typically explores dark and foreboding soundscapes, and PLAYLAND AT THE BEACH remains yet another journey into an aural funhouse of fractured horns and surprising musical twists and turns.

But, this time, there¹s a ray of sunlight beaming across the desolate frontier, thanks to some uplifting funk (props to drummer Steve Levy and bassist Shawna Love here), and vocal mash-ups by Shalee, Ana Kardiam, and the Rev that evoke cool ¹70s funk-jazz cabaret, but as smacked-up by an outing through THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW.


The guitars are often angular, biting, and delightfully off-kilter, and are reminiscent of the cutting-edge guitar textures of SCARY MONSTERS-era Bowie.

This is music that challenges, but it¹s also music you won¹t soon forget.

Michael Molenda, Editor-in-Chief, GUITAR PLAYER magazine.

They’re a cinematic group, they make music for cinema, which is really cool
stuff.  It’s got some open jazz times and things in there, which I really like.

Very talented group of people with serious chops going there.

fantastic stuff!!

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We've been thrilled to be added to some wonderful independent stations around the country! So go there and request!!!!

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