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This is thebooking hidden page. On it will  be things that clubs need from us to book us.

In your booking request email please include vital information about your project including links to your music, websites, bios, typical draw / crowd size for your shows, and prospective date ranges you are interested in playing Amnesia.

I ttook this from amnesia's website


We are an established award winning film ensemble that has roots in blues, funk, progressive, hip hop, classical and rock. It is about social justice as much as it is about love songs. It is about protest and awareness as much as it is about nast funky beats. We grew up listening to Funkadelic, Marley, Paxton, Dylan, NWA, Wynona, Slash, Beck and on and on and on....... We are the sum of their musical ideals.

Our crowds range from 75 to 150 people, the average being about 110. They drink like 200 people!

We would like to play Club Amnesia October 22 or 29 of 2016

We are a 9 piece ensemble consisting of Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals, Guitars and Horns

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